About - Veertje Kroontje


veertje kroontje,
means little feather and little crown in dutch.
the netherlands, that is, the place I grew up.
now back in germany, the place I was born.

torn between two places I love I hide myself
in books and my writings. imagining places
where everything is possible.

I study art history and fashion/art science
stuff, and I’m not going to tell you where…

at times when I have enough money I’ll go and
walk around on flee markets, visit little nice
shops and search for anything vintage or books,
or both ♥

on occasion I like to play and create things for
the sims³. together with one of my bestfriends
I have a blog where we post downloads called
the white treehouse.

I also sing, play guitar, flute and piano. but
what I love to do most of all is writing stories.

- ⱴeertje

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