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Hogwarts Magic Challenge

to celebrate the new start of my blog I’ve made an addition on all those 30 days challenges out there, especially the harry potter ones. I really like them but they don’t really suit my needs. so I made my own and focused more on hogwarts and the magical world around it, which means I cut out things like; which movie did you like the most?

I’m not really done yet with writing down all questions, but I’m starting anyway and will fill the list as I go along, so perhaps I won’t make it till 30 or I’ll even get more.

the challenge is called: Hogwarts Magic Challenge, the overview list will be updated below, feel free to snag and challenge yourself, please re-blog, reply or message me.

note: don’t answer the questions with one word, tell us more.

0. please fill out the following before you start (may differ from reality)

general information
- full name:
- initials:
- nicknames:
- birthday:
- country of birth:
- current residence:
physical information
- species:
- gender:
- hair colour:
- eye colour:
- skin colour:
1. what would be your blood status? and how would your family tree look?

2. how would the house you live in look like?

3. how would you have spend your childhood? (before hogwarts)

4. which gregorian calendar year would be your first on hogwarts?

5. how would you get your school supplies? (freshly new or second hand)

6. what kind of wand would you have?

7. what kind of pet would you take with you?

8. would there be anyone to say goodbye to at platform 9¾?

9. which house would you be sorted into? (based on personality not on what is cool.)

10. would you make friends easily? (or will you gather enemies within the first day)

11. what would be your favourite subject?

12. what would be you least favourite subject?

13. which teacher, from the harry potter series, you wish to see on school?

14. which teacher, from the harry potter series, you wish not to see on school?

15. would you meet anyone from the harry potter series, or their family while on school?

16. would you consider anyone from the harry potter series as your roll model?

more to come…

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